The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation work with vulnerable children and their families in Vietnam and Mongolia. Many services are provided to these families such as health care, education and community support programmes. These programmes provide opportunities for these families which help enable them to break the poverty cycle and make their own living.

DUC had its first experience with the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation in 2012 when we volunteered in the social and medical centre for three and half months. During this time, we got to see the incredible work carried out by the dedicated care workers – from feeding time to play time, to getting the chance to be involved with the physiotherapy department and accompanying children to hospital appointments. It was a huge inspiration and our love for the foundation and the beautiful Vietnam continued to grow and resulted in us returning every year.

In 2016 DUC was created with the aim of working in partnership with the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation to create more opportunities for vulnerable children and to help break the poverty cycle.

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