Ian and Anne-Marie started DUC in 2016 with a vision of breaking the poverty cycle with sustainable medical and educational assistance in Vietnam. DUC partnered with the Christina Noble Children's Foundation which Anne-Marie has volunteered with for many years in Ho Chi Minh City. We pledge to support the foundation with our one-for-one business model and contributions. 

Ethical production

DUC products are manufactured in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. When searching for manufacturers it was key to find a factory that operates with the same values as DUC and thankfully we have found a key partner in our production. Ethics are a massive part of the DUC brand and we pride ourselves in using factories that provide safe and clean working conditions for their staff. Every employee works social hours and earns a living wage. DUC regularly visit the factory and benefit by the transparency of the factory and enjoy meeting the team during production and development time.  


All of our DUC products have a specific purpose which links directly back to the needs of the foundation. Each season we work closely with CNCF to develop products with a purpose to suit their growing needs. Our 7 collections benefit the foundation in the following ways:

DUC Pencil Case - Every DUC pencil case sold contributes to the running costs of the foundation!
DUC Cooler - Every DUC cooler bag sold contributes to the purchase of baby formula to feed babies in Vietnam!
DUC Jr - Every DUC Jr bag sold vaccinates a child in Vietnam!
DUC Bag - Every DUC bag sold buys a school kit for a child in need! 
DUC BB - Every DUC BB bag sold provides assistance to children in the school for the visually impaired in Vietnam!
DUC Sport - Every DUC Sport bag sold gives a child the opportunity to learn how to swim!

together we can make a difference - one bag at a time!