From Stitch to Street - what makes a DUC bag

What makes a DUC bag 

At DUC we think transparency is key, so come on a journey with us from stitch to street.

First, our Creative Director Ian works with his team to come up with those cool, jazzy prints that make DUC bags stand out from the crowd.

They are sent off with love to be digitally printed on a massive 1.8m printer by one of our amazing contractors before being delivered to our local factory.

We are passionate about our sustainability credentials and use local factories for printing and source our polyester from a local supplier. This means not only can we ensure top notch quality but that we're keeping jobs and businesses in local communities which has the added bonus of helping families keep their kids in school.

Once the prints arrive at our factory, a cutting specialist organises the pieces so they now resemble bag parts; rim, body, handles and pockets. Things are starting to take shape.

Parallel to the DUC bag production is one of the most important and exciting stages, this is when we get to order our DUC school kits. The polyester is cut to shape and sent back to the printer for logos and then it comes back to us at the factory for stitching

The stitching line is where your DUC bag as you know it begins to take shape. As the pieces move along the line they are stitched together, finishing touches like buckles and zips are added.


This is where we go over every stitch to make sure it's up to our QC standards before being tagged, wrapped and boxed. The school kits are then wrapped up and sent off to all the children waiting at the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation where they go to their forever home.


Your DUC bag is snuggly packed into large protective boxes and loaded onto a container ready for the long voyage from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam to Dublin port, Ireland. While the ship will visit some ports along the way, they are received in Ireland by our distribution team who bring them to our warehouse in Co. Wicklow to be sorted and organised.


And that's when you come in, your order pings through our website and Emma or Jimmy jump into action to pick your product, wrap it and get into the post to you.


Your purchase supports a team in a factory in Vietnam where they learn new skills, keeps communities thriving, gives an education to an underprivileged child and keeps all of us at DUC HQ smiling every day.


Give yourself a pat on the back awesome human. Keep up the good work!